The tragedy of my love – a poem

External to my being,

Yet biding in my heart,

Unseen in vibrant light,

Yet seen by those you mark,


Ever-present in your signs,

Never-binding in confines,

Yet a longing so immense,

Is the stupor of your wine,


The purest form of love,

Ignites within my soul,

It burns but yet without,

I’m a sightless, aimless troll


To catch you once I wish,

Or be with you all times,

Yet a snub if writ in fate,

Can’t undo my heart’s crime


Judas Kiss – A poem


Lo, I waste my dying hour,

Upon your thought in this time of dour,

Lived in your love every life,

So take your name as my corpse you scour.


With a blade fierce, lo! Cut my breast,

My heart from its beating place do wrest,

The beats still sing your lore, old foe,

Oblation I deemed that you deemed but a jest.


Your cruelty, lo! It cut me deep,

And though the sky and the seas and the rivers weep,

I bowed my head in this total love,

Not a grudge nor sorrow do lovers keep.


So here I am, lo! Dying slow

And I do not wish for the holy glow,

But to my tomb one day, won’t you,

In pity if you will – just once – come woe?

The Father

Ay people of the internet. This poem lowkey long but I think iz worth it
Peace to you all


I was handed gifts

a thousandth fold

the pleasures of this world

was given lusts

an era bold

the skirts around me swirled

A drink of wine

sensual designed

was passed on unto me

Status elite

in gold enshrined

my father endowed me

But then even more

a love so pure

was the dowry brought my wife

I dared not stir

I was so sure

what a perfect happy life

I loved my life

I don’t deny

I had plenty all around

Along you came

and your first cry

On your birth I was encrowned

And from that day forth

A glance backwards

I deemed to misbelief

A life for you

is the only worth

a motto I chose to keep

And then one night

the sky too slept

alas to the world of dreams

It was Abraham

Lo! how he wept

or those eyes akin to streams?

A knife to the throat

of his only child

and smoothly went his knife

At the end blindfole’d

Abraham smiled

And for God he had no strife

A sacrifice

of love supreme

was sacrificed that day

“which of your loves?”

the day-redeem

when it asks, what’ll I say?


Also let me kno if these poems are getting a bit too heavy cause I’m legit posting poems only and my page kindaaa looks too heavy to me
Also pray for me people of the internet I have exams coming up (!!!)

Lore extinct



Do ye hear the sound of bells that used to ring

Do ye hear a motion made within my heart

Silent goes the song I sing, and glooms of woe

Like a crypt of quiet laud within my yard

Your glee and laughter used to rule wherein, nay

Do ye hear the sobs of blue morose depart

A warm and tender light, used to here reside

Do ye hear the legend, ashes of my hearth?

Three knocks

Three knocks on the door,

and not one more,

is the warning I ‘fore give.

Then enter I, a cloudy whisp,

and take for mine all bliss,

that you may have,

and may hold dear,

in a new age you will find,

there are no rules,

there is no time,

just a murdering treacherous path,

I’ll lead you whence,

and drag you there,

as you beg “let go of me”

You opened the door,

you opened the door,

only knock three times I did


Insan – a poem

Like smoke in the air, away life will fly

Look yonder, Adam, this is fate predesigned


In joy and in sadness you will find thee in chains

The chains of your temper will not see you free


A loneliness eternal awaits unto you

If a love all pure you desire. Lo, seek


Neurotic, diligent, you will run after life

In youth you will find here no tranquility


And close your eyes when you will of fatigue

Your life you will find unexplanatory


A place there is, He is, none else

Has that been your destined sanctuary?


Then don’t let a time come and pass you by

Whence your plea is your own dissenterary.

Insan – A poem

اڑ جائے گی دھویں میں یوں دیکھ زندگی
دیکھ یہ تقدیر اے انسان ہے تری

گو دکھ میں نہ سکھ میں تو پائے گا چین
پریشاں ہے ذات عہدِ موت تک تری

اک ہجر میں رہے گا تو تنہا سدا
عشق گر حقیقی ہو خواہش تری

مشقت میں تنگ دل تو بھاگے گا دیکھ
سکوں کی نہ ہوگی جوانی تری

تھکے ہار جب لیگا آنکھیں تو موندھ
بے مقصد لگے گی کہانی تری

وہ جاہ ہے، جاں وہ ہے، اور کچھ بھی نہیں
منزل وہی تھی پرانی تری؟

دیکھ پھر کبھی وقت ایسا نہ ہو
ہو تیرے مخالف گواہی تری

Pul e Sirat – a poem

With sins in a row I walk hereforth

This distance of slavery as black as my sin

Your witness encore to this tale I tell

My poem a mere thought of thine

Entitled to telling you are this truth

Your word is all, in pain in ruth

To your door I beg, foyer exquisite

is where I lament, prithy, hear my feat

Before tomorrow was your voice debut

“Am I not your Lord?” An order that flew

You’re a testament, Lord, your Lordship too

Genuflect my promise, I called out “bala”*


Bala – Arabic, The day of Al’ast

In the Quran, it is described as a day when God broughtforth all the souls he had put in Adam’s loins and called out to them “Am I not your Lord?”. “Bala” is their reply, which translates to “Verily, you are”


Pul e Sirat – A poem

قطاریں گناھوں کی باندھے ہوے
چلا میں غلامی کا یہ فاصلہ

مطلق ہے جس کا گواہی تری
غزل ہے یہ گو اک ترا فیصلہ

سنانے کو جسکا تو حقدار ہے
تیرا وہ حکم – جو ہے کُل معاملہ

ترے در پہ لایا ہوں جھولی یہیں
ہوں نالہ تجھی کو سناتا ہوا

فردا سے پہلے صدا تھی تری
نھیں ہوں کیا میں ہی تمھارا خدا؟

گواہ ہے تو خالق، خدائ تری
سرِ خم تھی میری شھادت، بلیٰ


بلیٰ – the day of al’ast

It was asked of all the souls that were created “Am I not your Lord?”

They said بلیٰ شہدنا – Verily, we witness






See a stage atop a mountain

Housing idols made of stone

In the center you stand grounded

A king upon a throne


To every idol then go proudly

And look it in the eye

Proclaim to question loudly,

“can you change the lofty sky?”


And if not then find a hammer

And break the stone-shaped sham

And if you hear a people clamour

Say “is God killed by a ram?”


Then return to your throne mighty

And see a mirror shining bright

Your reflection neat and tidy

See the sparkle in your sight


Alas you are an idol

Not of stone but made of clay

Don’t startle yourself sidle

Oh you knew it all the way


You fight, you hate, you envy,

You move to lead the worldly race,

In this age of speedy frenzy

Hail to your lusts all grace


Alas you are an idol,

The proudest of them all

Deny yourself your title

If you laud The Mighty call?


Where is your hammer, soldier?

Used to slay the gods claimed fake?

Can you even find a boulder

To your idol cause a quake?


Alas you are an idol,

A worshiper of self,

Of ego your most precious,

Exterminate thy self


In breaking all the idols

Is the only success, pray

In the end is Omnipotence

That’s the only way